Adding more accounts

1. What is the difference between an account and a wallet?

  • Wallets store the private keys used to access your funds. To start sending and receiving assets on Fizen, you must have at least one wallet. The different wallets you manage on your device are unrelated to each other. If you lose access to the funds in one wallet (for example because you lost your secret phrase), the funds in the other wallets are not affected.

  • An account is a subsection of a wallet that allows you to separate funds without the need to create multiple new wallets. By default, each wallet you create comes with one account.

  • In short, a wallet can create multiple accounts based on the same Secret Phrase or can import accounts from another wallet if it has a Private Key.

2. How to add more accounts

Step 1: Tap on the header. This header is present on Homepage & Wallet Asset Management.

Step 2: Select the Account tab

Step 3:

  • Select Create Account to create a new account

  • Select Import Account to import an existing account with its private key