$FIZEN is the utility token of the Fizen ecosystem, serving as the lifeblood that powers the entire ecosystem with various utilities.

Payment of commission to KOCs and rewards to users

The $FIZEN token is used as a payment method for commission to KOC (Key Opinion Consumer) sellers and as a reward system for users. This application optimizes costs in money transfers and ensures transparency in profit-sharing processes, benefiting all participants.

Moreover, this will contribute to a continuous flow of liquidity for the $FIZEN token, as all participants will hold and exchange the token.

Explanation in details with a step-by-step analysis

Traditional Business Model

Fizen's business model is quite clear. A significant portion of our profit comes from transaction fees when providing services to global enterprises.

We can sell products directly to customers, and we also sell products through a network of many Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs). Below is the traditional model, with an example of $100 in sales profit that Fizen receives:

New Economic Model for $FIZEN Token

Instead of using the traditional model, we will use the $FIZEN tokens created from the Treasury fund as commissions for KOCs who sell products and as discounts for customers. Fizen temporarily retains the entire $100 profit.

With the $FIZEN tokens received, KOCs and customers can trade them on cryptocurrency exchanges or use Fizen Ramp directly within the Fizen Super App to convert them into cryptocurrency or fiat currency quickly and conveniently:

Fizen, either directly or indirectly, will provide liquidity and repurchase the $FIZEN tokens sold by KOCs and customers:

You might wonder why this new economic model? How does it differ from the traditional model? The answer lies in the crucial function of the following: Savings Deposit of $FIZEN Token.

Savings Deposit

In the early stages of use, both KOCs and customers may prefer to sell their $FIZEN tokens immediately. However, as they complete successful transactions and the price of $FIZEN tokens stabilizes, they will develop trust in the $FIZEN token. At this point, they have another option to potentially increase their profits, which is to deposit their $FIZEN tokens in savings for the future. They can easily carry out this savings deposit process through the Fizen Super App.

The act of making a savings deposit has the following advantages:

  • The $FIZEN tokens held within Fizen Savings will reduce the overall supply available in the market, contributing to the natural stabilization of the market price for $FIZEN tokens.

  • Since users can earn profits by making savings deposits, the demand for holding $FIZEN tokens is likely to increase.

  • Fizen is not immediately required to distribute a portion of the profits. Instead, it can utilize these funds for potentially more profitable and secure business activities. Subsequently, the profits can still be used to enhance liquidity for $FIZEN tokens.

Expanding the Scope

As shared in the Fizen ecosystem section, Fizen also has another partner, which is blockchain projects with tokens or coins. Most blockchain projects have their own tokens. If these projects want to increase the utility of their tokens, they can collaborate with Fizen to integrate their tokens into the Fizen ecosystem.

We are also open to long-term and strategic partnerships with large-scale projects with a significant user base. Fizen is ready to share profits with these strategic partners. The condition for becoming a strategic partner and sharing profits with Fizen is that projects need to hold a certain amount of $FIZEN tokens (equivalent to $20,000 at the time of joining) and keep them in Fizen Savings.

The more partners that join, the more $FIZEN tokens are held in Fizen Savings.

Payment of gas fees and services

  1. Payment method for gas fees: With the introduction of the new Account Abstraction technology in the Fizen Super App, $FIZEN tokens will be used to pay gas fees for transactions on the blockchain. This is very convenient for users as they do not need to own many types of native tokens to pay for blockchain gas fees.

  2. Payment method for Goods and Services: The $FIZEN token is encouraged to be used as a means of payment for specific products and services. This significantly enhances the token's utility and integrates $FIZEN into circulation and transactions.

Savings with $FIZEN Tokens

Holders of $FIZEN tokens can deposit their tokens to earn interests paid in $FIZEN tokens. The interest rate is adjusted based on the prevailing conditions.

Membership benefits

For individuals who own a significant amount of $FIZEN tokens, we will provide NFT membership cards at different levels. Each level will come with specific benefits, including:

  • Direct discounts

  • Reduced or free shipping fees

  • Early access to new products/services

  • Exclusive member-only services

  • Gifts for holidays and birthdays

  • Participation in meetings, gatherings, and decision-making alongside Fizen's leadership team

These privileges will enhance the utility of the $FIZEN token, making users want to hold $FIZEN tokens for the long term.

Burning $FIZEN Tokens

A portion of the revenue will be used to buy back $FIZEN tokens and burn them to reduce the circulating supply in the market.

More information on token burning

$FIZEN tokens are generated and subsequently circulate within the Fizen ecosystem as follows:

In the future, at suitable times based on market conditions and business results, Fizen will consider employing measures to burn a significant number of $FIZEN tokens. This action will reduce the number of $FIZEN tokens in circulation, helping stabilize their price.

Benefits summary table



Conveniently paying gas fees in any blockchain networks with just one single token. Receiving multiple promotions, discounts, special membership privileges, and earning additional tokens through savings deposits.


Earning sales commissions and receiving more through savings deposits.

Blockchain Project

Increasing project token's utility. Receiving profit-sharing when users use the project's token for payments.

Product and Service Providers

Selling more products. Accessing a broader, cross-border customer base. Saving on sales and payment costs.


Earning profits from transaction fees. In addition, the high demand for $FIZEN tokens will help to increase its value. All $FIZEN token investors will benefit.

The $FIZEN token will circulate continuously in the Fizen ecosystem with very high practical utilities, benefiting all participants. Join us and become a part of this comprehensive ecosystem!

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