Scalability and rapid growth are crucial factors for a startup's success. Fizen doesn't directly sell products or provide services; everything is offered by our trusted partners.

As you've learned from the previous section about the Fizen Ecosystem, we've built a platform of technology products to support our partners. As the number of partners continues to grow, Fizen's ecosystem becomes larger, providing users with even more choices when using Fizen.

We don't focus too much on selling specific products, but rather on building quality technology products within the Fizen platform. This allows us to quickly expand the scope of our operations and target customer groups.

For example, a company specializing in IP/VPN services can sign up and integrate Fizen Pay into their system. Immediately, they gain access to Fizen's user base and Fizen's sales KOCs (Key Opinion Customers). In return, Fizen users have more things to pay for, and Fizen's partner blockchain projects also share the same benefit.

In the initial stage, Fizen's growth is linear. However, as the number of partners within the Fizen ecosystem continues to increase, we will experience exponential growth.

You can also see many successful startups worldwide that have grown rapidly and successfully using this platform model. YouTube, Facebook, TikTok don't produce their own content; their users upload content to share with others. Airbnb doesn't own or operate hotels; their partners use Airbnb's platform to provide services to travelers. Grab and Uber don't own vehicles; they create a platform connecting service providers and customers.

With Fizen, when everything operates automatically smoothly and brings value to all participants, Fizen's ecosystem will expand rapidly. In the near future, practical applications on Fizen will not be limited to just Travel and E-commerce; they could also include finance, entertainment, and more.

Importantly, Fizen uses cryptocurrencies that are globally popular. This means Fizen's ecosystem will expand globally, rather than being limited to a specific country.

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