Integrating tokens and NFTs of GameFi projects

"Wanna go fast, go alone, wanna go far, go together…"

To help build a brighter future for the entire blockchain industry, tech projects need to collaborate and unite to create revolutions for the world in general and the financial technology industry in particular. Fizen always welcomes pioneers who share the same vision on the path of creating a new Web3 world.

Case study

Among the many partners, Fizen proudly introduces two major partners: Monsterra and FUNToken

Fizen has established a close partnership with and integrated the token and NFTs of the top GameFi brand on the BNB network, Monsterra. Monsterra players can now easily manage and display their assets with exciting features: Automatically add tokens and NFTs by entering the "Monsterra" project code or selecting the project name from the list; Easily display and manage their NFT collection in the Fizen Super App. Additionally, Monsterra owners can use the in-game token, MSTR, as a direct payment method within the Fizen Super App.

Similarly, Fizen is also providing payment applications using FUNToken to over 50 million FUNToken users. By integrating FUNToken into Fizen's Super App, users will benefit from the extensive provider network available on Fizen's platform. The integration will also expand the functionality of FUNToken, making it a useful payment currency for daily life products and services on the Fizen Super App.

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