Mark a payment as refunded

Fizen Pay enables you to mark a payment as refunded.

IMPORTANT: You will need to execute the actual refund transaction yourself. Since Fizen Pay is a peer-to-peer non-custodial solution, we do not have access to your funds, hence we cannot refund customers on behalf of you. However, we enable you to quickly get your customer’s wallet address and payment amount so that you can execute the refund transaction smoothly.

3 Steps to mark a transaction as refunded:

Step 1. From the Payments page, click on the payment you want to mark as refunded to open its Payment details page

Click Mark as refunded.

Step 2.

- Receiving address: the address the original payment was from

- Refund amount: the amount you received from the payment

You can scan the QR code with Fizen Super App (Android | iOS) (recommended), Metamask or Trust Wallet to execute your refund transaction easily.

Alternatively, you can copy the receiving address and refund amount to any wallet of your choice to make the refund transaction.

When you’re done, click Continue

Step 3.

Input your notes (optional) and click Confirm.

By that, you have successfully marked your payment as refunded.

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