Create an invoice

Before you start to create your first invoice, please decide which crypto currency you want to receive for your invoice by going to Crypto settings page.

Learn more about how to use the crypto settings page.

After selecting your accepted crypto currencies, you can start creating your invoices.

1. From the Fizen Pay dashboard, go to Invoices page

Click Create invoice.

2. Fill in Create new invoice template

- Amount: Input the invoice amount and the currency of the invoice.

You have two options: create an invoice in Fiat, or create an invoice in crypto.

If you choose Fiat, the invoice can be paid by any of the crypto currencies you have accepted in the Crypto settings page.

If you choose Crypto, the invoice can only be paid by the crypto currency you choose.

- Customer email: Input your customer’s email address

- Customer name (optional): Input your customer’s name

- Memo (optional): Input your memo.

When your customer receives your invoice, they can only see the amount information.

The customer email, customer name, memo information will not be visible.

Click Create invoice.

3. Share your invoice

Your invoice is created successfully.

You can copy the invoice link to send it to your customer.

You can also copy the invoice link by clicking on your invoice on the Invoices page.

By doing that, its details page opens. You can copy the invoice link at the bottom of the page.

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