Fizen ecosystem

The Fizen ecosystem is a place where individuals and businesses can collaborate to generate immense benefits.

  1. For Users: Easily buy/sell cryptocurrencies through Fizen Ramp using various methods such as bank transfers, credit cards, and more. Safely store cryptocurrencies on the Fizen Super App and use it for payments and shopping.

  2. For Businesses Offering Products and Services: Easily accept cryptocurrency payments using Fizen Pay, expanding their reach to a global audience, including new cryptocurrency-using customers, leading to profit increase. Fizen helps businesses sell goods and services in the Fizen Super App.

  3. For Blockchain Projects with Tokens and Coins: Integrate their tokens and coins into the Fizen Super App, allowing users to utilize them for purchasing a wide range of products and services. This significantly enhances the token and coin utility, fosters user loyalty, and strengthens the connection with the project.

The benefits are equal for all parties involved. For those in the Blockchain/Cryptocurrency industry, the Fizen ecosystem appears outstanding. However, for those less acquainted with this field, there may be doubts:

  • Are people really using cryptocurrency to pay?

  • Will businesses want to accept cryptocurrency payments?

  • Are projects willing to have their tokens/coins used for payments?

No worries, before writing the first line of code, we invested significant time and effort in market research. Despite being a relatively new market with limited data, the statistics we have examined are promising.

While applications in finance, gaming, NFTs, and the like show reduced interest when financial markets are sluggish, cryptocurrency payment continues to grow rapidly in recent years (right chart). A survey of 45% of respondents aged 18-35 believe that cryptocurrencies should be used for payments rather than solely as investment assets (left chart).

Businesses that have adopted cryptocurrency for payments have observed positive impacts on their key performance indicators (middle graph). The majority of businesses that have yet to adopt cryptocurrencies place a high or very high priority on cryptocurrency payment integration (left graph).

Numerous partners have reached out to Fizen to integrate their tokens/coins on Fizen for payment. You can see more case studies in the "Cooperation & Business" section.

Lastly, there is a significant trend towards cross-border e-commerce, with the market projected to grow 10 times from 2021 to 2030. The demand for an efficient cross-border payment method is huge and expected to grow even further in the future. Currently, nothing matches cryptocurrencies in this trend!

Cryptocurrencies, and Fizen itself, are still at very early stages. Currently, there are 400 million cryptocurrency users globally. This number is expected to rise to billions in a few years. People will become as dependent on cryptocurrencies as they are on the internet. The growth potential of the cryptocurrency payment services market is forecasted to reach $362 billion by 2026.

Fizen is confident about the application of cryptocurrencies in payments because we believe in technology that provides beneficial applications for humanity. We are also confident in our skilled, experienced, passionate, determined, and highly committed team, dedicated to building practical applications that serve people both now and in the future.

Fizen is not just an idea or a project on paper. We have the personnel, built the products, acquired users, engaged with businesses, and established global partnerships.

First, let's explore three of Fizen's products!

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