Balances in Smart Contract

When a customer pays you, the funds will first go to your Smart Contracts.

- The total amount displayed on the top is the total payable amount you will receive. Fizen Pay has already deducted your service fee.

- The list of cryptocurrencies is the cryptocurrencies you accepted in Crypto settings page, or the cryptocurrencies you used to accept in the past and have not withdrawn funds to your wallet yet.

- You can check the balance of each cryptocurrency and see their values when converted to your local currency. You can change your local currency in Account settings > Payment settings > Local currency.

- You can set your withdrawal schedule in Account settings. Your withdrawal schedule refers to how often Fizen Pay withdraws money from your smart contract to your wallet.

See more: Set withdrawal schedule with auto-withdrawals

If you choose to withdraw manually, you can do it in the Balances page.

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