Import token & NFT to your wallet

Before you can make any transaction with Fizen Super App wallet, you need to make sure that the wallet can show you the correct value of the crypto assets that you own. To do this, you need to import the token that represents the asset into the wallet by following some simple steps that we will explain below.

In the crypto market, each token has a unique contract address that identifies it. However, these contract addresses are very long and complicated strings of characters, so it is not easy for normal humans to tell them apart or remember them.

That is why you need to import the token into your wallet using its name, symbol or contract address. We already added popular cryptocurrencies for your convenience. Or you can manually add tokens by yourself.

BEWARE OF SCAMS: Some smart contracts may try to impersonate another token by having the same token symbol. Only import smart contracts that were audited or verified by the community.

Step 1: On the home screen, touch the red-highlighted area in the image to view the assets in your wallet. Tap the "+" button to add tokens and NFTs.

Step 2: You can choose 3 options:

Step 3: Add to your wallet