1. Welcome gift

You will receive 1000 FiPoint as a welcome gift for successfully setting up your wallet after a new download.

  1. Refer your friends

Intending to expand the active user community, Fizen has included the referral code feature in the app, thereby giving the newbie some attractive welcome gifts and, at the same time, offering many exclusive rewards for the referrers.

Briefly, each time you share your referral link with a friend, you will receive 1,000 FiPoint when they enter your code and 1,000 FiPoint for their first transaction on Fizen. Your friend who downloads Fizen through your referral link will also receive 1,000 FiPoint!

Refer your friends

Step 1: Share your Referral Code/QR code/link with your friends.

Step 2: Have your friends install Fizen, then enter the referral code when they first set up their wallet or in the Referral screen's Who did invite you?

Step 3: Both of you will get 2,500 FiPoint in your wallet after this step.

Step 4: After your friends’ first successful giftcard purchase on Fizen, receive 1,000 FiPoints for each of you.

Conditions for a successful referral

  • Your friends have to import an existing wallet or create a new one on Fizen Super App;

  • Enter your Referral Code before making the first giftcard transaction.

  1. Daily check-in reward

You can access the Earn FiPoint page from the homepage.

Daily Check-in is an activity for users to earn FiPoint simply by checking in to the Earn FiPoint page on Fizen App.

Select Get FiPoint to receive FiPoint every day. You will be able to earn additional FiPoint for consecutive daily check-ins.

On the 7th day of consecutive check-ins, you can win up to 1000 FiPoint.

  1. Watch2Earn

Watch2Earn is an activity for users to earn FiPoint simply by viewing short ads on Fizen Super App.

Each device is only eligible for a maximum of five adverts daily to earn FiPoint.

Step 1: By selecting Watch2Earn, you will be prompted to auto-play ads for up to 30 seconds.

Step 2: After the ads video end, we will notify you by the button Rewards granted.

Step 3: Tap the X button to exit the video playing screen.

  1. Deposit FiPoint

Deposit to get a reward is a common activity to earn more assets. On Fizen Super App, everyone can earn up to 30% of compounding interest. Compare to traditional banking, users earn interest every day and have a better sense of gaining more assets.

  1. Buy Giftcard

For all gift card transactions, Fizen users will receive FiPoint as a loyalty reward. The number of points will correspond to the value of the transaction. Spend more and you will get more FiPoints.