Create a POS

Before you start to create your first POS, please decide which crypto currency you want to receive for your invoice by going to Crypto settings page.

Learn more about how to use the crypto settings page.

After selecting your accepted crypto currencies, you can start creating your POS.

Step 1. In the Points of sale page, click on the Create new POS button on the right.

Step 2. Input your POS information:

- POS page header

- Logo

- Currency type: If you choose Local currency, the your price will be listed as your local currency (eg. USD), and your customers can pay with any of the cryptos you set in Crypto settings page. If you choose Crypto currency, your price will be listed as the crypto currency you choose, and your customers can pay with that crypto currency only.

Step 3. Click Save

To get the QR code for your newly created POS, click on the QR icon next to it.

You can take a screenshot or download it as PNG file, print it out and stick it in front of your physical store for your customers to pay.

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