Fizen Ramp

For new users, one of the difficulties is figuring out how to buy cryptocurrencies. Typically, users would need to register an account on a cryptocurrency exchange, complete KYC (Know Your Customer) by providing documents like a passport or ID, and take a selfie for the exchange's identity verification. The waiting time for this verification process can vary from as quick as 30 minutes to as long as a week. Buying cryptocurrency on an exchange isn't necessarily straightforward either.

Fizen understands the challenges faced by customers, and we strive to create the simplest and best experience for them.

  1. Download the app and create a wallet in less than 1 minute.

  2. Purchase cryptocurrency via bank transfer and receive it within 5 minutes.

Currently, Fizen doesn't require users to undergo KYC for small transactions to provide convenience for new users. However, for larger transactions, and to comply with legal regulations and prevent money laundering, Fizen will apply KYC methods while prioritizing user-friendliness and convenience.

The Fizen Super App is also a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, meaning users have full control over their private keys and therefore their assets. Neither Fizen nor any of its personnel have access to users' crypto assets. This is a key distinction from users buying and storing cryptocurrency on an exchange, where they face a high risk of losing their assets if the exchange encounters issues, as exemplified by the FTX exchange's bankruptcy, resulting in users losing $10 billion in assets.

In addition to the Fizen Ramp P2P service for Vietnamese market, we collaborate with numerous companies and organizations to provide cryptocurrency buying/selling solutions to serve global customers. One of Fizen's partners is Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange as of 2023.

Fizen is one of Binance's nine official global partners for distributing Binance Gift Cards.

Users can easily purchase these gift cards like any other ecommerce products, Users can use them either as gifts for friends or for personal use by converting them back into cryptocurrency directly on the Fizen Super App or on the Binance exchange.

We also partner with, which offers more than 120 different payment methods from over 100 countries. Fizen will continuously update the cryptocurrency buying/selling methods and collaborate with various businesses specializing in these services to ensure the best user experience.

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