Fizen Pay Payment Gateway

Information technology is advancing at the fastest pace ever, impacting and changing various fields. However, the banking and finance sector has been relatively slow in adopting technology. The main reason is the immense scale of this system, involving large financial institutions such as banks, credit organizations, payment companies, and more. When you shop and use cards like Visa or Mastercard, your transactions go through numerous companies and organizations. At each step, the transaction fees of these organizations accumulate.

To prevent users from feeling like they're losing out, payment organizations often charge fees to the businesses providing products and services. Naturally, businesses cannot absorb these fees for their customers and instead incorporate them into the product prices. Therefore, customers may feel that they are not being charged when using traditional payment methods, but in reality, they are indirectly paying through the product prices.

What's remarkable about blockchain and cryptocurrency technology is that it provides a peer-to-peer financial system where money is transferred directly from one entity to another without intermediaries. This helps minimize payment fees. To enable businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments, they need a payment gateway. While businesses can build their own payment gateway, it requires a significant amount of time and effort. Therefore, Fizen offers Fizen Pay, a comprehensive solution for businesses with an extremely low transaction fee of less than 1%.

With such low transaction fees, businesses can reduce product prices, convert them into loyalty points, or provide cash back to customers.

What's even more excellent is that businesses receive money instantly, without the delays of other payment methods (which can take from 3 to 15 days).

Many providers offer cryptocurrency payment gateway solutions for businesses. However, Fizen has researched, learned, and upgraded the system to create a significantly better solution compared to others on the market.

And most importantly, a payment gateway solution on its own won't be of much help to businesses. Businesses don't know where cryptocurrency users are, and users don't know which businesses accept cryptocurrency payments. That's why Fizen is built to be a comprehensive ecosystem. We provide technical solutions and also connect businesses with customers.

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