Close account

You can find the Closse account section in Account settings page

Important things to remember when you close your account:

  1. Closing your account is permanent and irreversible. Fizen Pay cannot recover your account once you have closed it.

  2. You need to withdraw all of your balances in your smart contracts to your wallets. Once you have closed your account, no one can withdraw it, including Fizen Pay.

  3. Once you have closed your account, all of your integration using APIs, your Ecommerce’s Fizen Pay plugins and webhooks will become invalid.

  4. Once you have closed your account, all of your payment links will expire. Your customers will not be able to send crypto through those links anymore.

To close your account, please visit your Account settings page > Close Account > Click Close account button

Step 1. Click I am sure button

Step 2. If you have withdrawn all the Balances in Smart contracts in your Balances page to your wallet, then please click Continue without withdrawing.

If you have any funds you have not yet withdrawn, please do so now because you cannot withdraw funds after you have closed your account.

Step 3. This is the last step. Please enter Google Authentication code and click Close account.