Account information

You can find Account information section in Account settings page.

Account email address

This is the email you use to sign in and the email will receive our notification emails.

You cannot change this email.

Password (Mật khẩu)

This is the password you use to sign in.

You can change the password by clicking on the Change password button.

Input your current password, new password, and confirm new password.

Email preferences

You can set which email notifications you want to receive. Click on the Settings button.

ON/OFF toggle to select notifications you want to receive, then click Save.

Support email address

This is the address displayed on the payment page. Customers will contact this email address if they need to follow up their orders. It is your account email address by default, however you can change your support email address.

Step 1. Type your the email address you want to be your support email address here.

Step 2. Check your mailbox for the verification email titled “Verify your support email” sent by

Click the Verify Support Email Address button in the email.

By that, you have successfully changed your support email address.