We can clearly see that technology always moves fast and ahead of legal regulations. In the world today, most countries have accepted cryptocurrencies and the use of cryptocurrencies in payment. You can refer to information from the following wikipedia page:

For countries that accept cryptocurrencies, users can pay cryptocurrencies directly to businesses.

For a small number of countries that do not allow the use of cryptocurrency in payment such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, we will be an intermediary to help convert cryptocurrencies to the fiat currency of that country to make payments for users.

Going back a bit in history, money is just a human invention that has made the exchange of goods more convenient and easier. "Money technology" has always been improved by humans. From the early days when humans used shells, coins, paper money, cards, money in bank's databases, to now, with peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies. We believe that what truly serves human life, such as cryptocurrencies, will endure and improve. Laws and regulations will also evolve gradually to enable technology to better serve humanity.

Together with the development of awareness and legal regulations, we, along with many developers worldwide, are constantly striving to enhance technology and integrate it into everyday life. In the past, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin experienced transaction fees as high as $25 and waiting times of over an hour for a single transaction (still cheaper and faster than traditional cross-border banking systems). In 2023, transferring cryptocurrency such as USDT on the Polygon blockchain incurs a fee of only $0.001, with transaction times measured in seconds for one or multiple transactions simultaneously. No international interbank system in the world can match this!

Fizen's focus is on bringing this technology into the lives of users and businesses. So, what actions have we taken?

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